AMTC Dresden

Management Team

Our management team ensures that processes run smoothly and that communication is effective and transparent across all areas. Our high moral and ethical values as well as our deep understanding of sustainability determine our everyday behavior. But first and foremost, we see our employees as the focus of our commitment.

Managing Director

Thomas Schmidt

A strong corporate culture is a fundamental element for a company to be successful in a high-tech sector such as the semiconductor industry.

With this approach, we place great emphasis on aspects such as communication, transparency and diversity. We put people and their abilities & skills first, regardless of their ethnic, cultural or religious background. We live an "open door policy" and thus provide all employees with the opportunity to directly address their ideas, questions or concerns. This also enables us to quickly implement possible solutions.

Only in this way are we in a position to meet the high demands of our customers and joint venture partners time and again and consequently to grow steadily.

Director Technical Services

Fritz Gans

Our Technical Service, encompassing the Facilities, ESH, Quality and Security departments, supports all value-adding processes so that optimal results can be achieved. The safety of the employees and the prevention of occupational accidents are our top priorities. Our customers expect the highest quality and safety standards. Together with the engineering and production departments, we align our processes to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Director Business Administration

Susanne Wittmaack

Our Business Administration team acts as an internal service provider, responsible for all commercial processes and tasks in the areas of Purchasing, Accounting & Controlling, Human Resources and Logistics & Export Control. Within our company, as well as in the cooperation with our business partners, we focus on strong, appreciative and cooperative relationships. In our daily operations, we master the balancing act between cost-efficient and timely solutions on the one hand and high quality results and service on the other.

Director Engineering

Dr. Dominik Thron

The engineering department enables the AMTC to produce photomasks. To ensure the reliability of production, we develop and operate robust, efficient and cost-effective processes, guarantee the availability of machines and materials, and liaise with suppliers and partners on innovations and continuous improvements. At the same time, we maintain very close contact with our colleagues in 7x24 production in order to ensure the manufacture of our products at the highest level of quality.

​Director Production

Oliver Broermann

The Production department consists of 3 parts: Information Technology, Production Control and Manufacturing. The main responsibility of Production Control is to ensure timely and reliable delivery of the required products. The Manufacturing department has a continuous shift system (24/7 on 365 days a year) to produce the photomasks according to the specifications of Engineering. Many of our processes are automated for our 24/7 production. To facilitate the automation, IT provides comprehensive services with the highest possible availability and quality. Our IT team considers itself as a support and consulting department working in close cooperation with the respective departments as well as our customers and partnerships. The focus lies on quality and throughput times in order to meet the high demands of our customers in terms of accuracy and adherence to deadlines.