The AMTC was buildt in 2002 specifically for mask building. The design and construction allow us to achieve extreme low vibration levels. Since 2002 several large upgrades of the medial supply have been realized to ensure the facilities remain state of the art. Today, we have one of the most advanced production environments for mask making worldwide. The focus of our daily work is to supply the tools and the processes in the clean room with media such as water, gases, air, chemicals and electricity in a highly reliable and exceptional quality. In terms of the purity of our media, we move at the limits of what is physically and chemically feasible. With the help of our external operating company and by using central monitoring software, we ensure the highest continuous availability of all media 24hx365 days a year.

Manufacturing area designed for mask making:

  • More than 3000 m² clean room space
  • Clean room Iso 5/3
  • High quality electrical power supply
  • 1.500.000 m³/h Clean air flow
  • 0.02 K Temperature accuracy in E-beam areas
  • Sulfate and amine control (> 1/5ppb)
  • Extremely low vibration level (> 10µm/s)
  • Ultra-pure water supply ( ~ 0.5 ppb ion residues)