Congratulation! SUSS MicroTec Solutions earns AMTC’s Supplier of the Year Award

Garching and Dresden, Germany in July 2022 - SUSS MicroTec, the world’s leading supplier of cleaning and processing equipment for the photomask manufacturing industry, was honored with the 2021 Advanced Mask Technology Center (AMTC) Tool Supplier of the Year Award in recognition for the company’s contribution to improving AMTC’s operational and technical capabilities.

The AMTC leadership team evaluated the 20 tool suppliers most critical to supporting their Dresden, Germany facility – the number one photomask operation in all of Europe. Tool Suppliers were rated over a broad range of categories, from technical capabilities to service performance. All were key contributors to improving AMTC’s overall company performance and competitiveness in the high-end photomask manufacturing market.

“We’re honored and grateful to receive this recognition from AMTC, a company that shares our passion for excellence in everything we do,” said Yuta Nagai, Head of the Photomask Equipment division at SUSS MicroTec. “Reliable relationships and collaboration have been critical to both companies’ successes in supporting mass production demands and keeping pace with challenging semiconductor technology roadmaps.”

“Supplier collaboration is the key to our overall business performance,” said AMTC General Manager, Thomas Schmidt. “We are fortunate to work with SUSS MicroTec who demonstrate strong commitment to ensuring our success, today and in the years to come. For us, it’s important that we recognize our most outstanding tool supplier in 2021, and that’s what this award is all about.”

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