AMTC Whistleblower Protection

Both our strategic considerations and our operational activities are always based on high ethical and legal standards. Accepting social and environmental responsibility is also a principle of AMTC. Our business interactions are guided by the highest standards of integrity. Compliance with laws, rules and internal policies is a top priority at AMTC. Only when we act in accordance with the law and with integrity do we protect our company, our employees and our business partners.

For this reason, we have created a central AMTC reporting office to receive tips.

The AMTC whistleblower system is used exclusively to draw attention to suspected violations of the law that relate to the employer or another entity with which the whistleblower has had professional contact. This includes, in addition to our employees and applicants, all business partners. Misuse for other purposes is a criminal offense.

Information can be reported to the whistleblower system at any time, stating your own identity or on a confidential basis.

Submitting tips - the right way

After receiving the information, the AMTC's reporting office processes it in compliance with all necessary procedural principles (e.g. confidentiality, protection of whistleblowers). In order to process cases and, if necessary, initiate appropriate investigative measures, the tips must be formulated as concretely as possible.

Whistleblowers must ensure that the descriptions can also be understood by persons outside their field of expertise. If anonymity towards the AMTC is to be maintained, reports can be submitted anonymously via our electronic whistleblowing system.

In addition to the AMTC's reporting office, other departments within the company are also involved in processing reports. In the case of justified tips, the reporting office commissions the necessary internal investigations. Likewise, the reporting office may cooperate with external legal counsel and the human resources department in clarifying the matter and initiating measures if they are necessary.

Please check, as far as possible and reasonable, the truth of the information you are reporting before making any report. An intentional or grossly negligent false report will lead in particular to claims for damages or consequences under labor and criminal law.

Contact details

Postal address

Advanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co. KG
Compliance / Whistleblower Office
Rähnitzer Allee 9
01109 Dresden

Telephone number whistleblower protection officer AMTC

+49 351 4048185

Fax Whistleblower protection officer AMTC

+49 351 40489185

Whistleblower portal

online reports 24/7 - Anonymous tips possible

In addition to the traditional channels (telephone, fax, mail), whistleblowers can also use the AMTC whistleblowing system of the EQS Integrity Line for online reports. This is a technically particularly secure space that has been specially developed for the electronic submission of tips. Tips are encrypted and stored in ISO 27001 certified high-security data centers.


Voice messaging 24/7 - Anonymous tips possible

In the AMTC notifier system of the EQS Integrity Line, voice-distorted voice messages (also anonymous - voice-altered) can be delivered at any time.